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Hello everyone!  Anyone?  Don't know if anyone still posts/reads here, but I just found this community and wanted to say hi!  And do the little survey thing for fun:)

1. What made you LOVE drop dead gorgeous???:  The actresses for one thing, and the spoof of the Midwest (where I live) and the goddamn sons a bitches that live there, lol jk, jk.
2. What is your favorite DDG quote??  Has to be from Molly's adopted Chinese family, when the Dad is yelling at his daughter for interrupting the filming, "Speak English, you stupid little retard!" and the subsequent scene of them trying to be 'American'.
3. Who is your favorite person (aka... who is the "most smartest") in DDG?: Definite tie between Loretta, Gladys and Annette, cause I love the actresses so much too!
4. Do you know of any other funny movies that are similiar to drop dead gorgeous... or that are just FUNNY?? if so... TELL!: Dazed and Confused, Napoleon Dynamite, Best in Show, Smile (1975 Beauty Pagaent spoof, precursor to DDG),
5. Is there any other things in your life that relate to drop dead gorgeous? Definitely most of the scenes are places/things I have experienced growing up in the Midwest, MOST DEFINITELY the accents! oh jeez...
---now just random survey questions!!!--
6. What's your name? butterfly_z
7. Where are you from? Midwest, U.S.A.

Anyways, anyone have a collection of screencaps or icons they want to share?  Pleeeease?! 

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