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Sarah Rose knows... [entries|friends|calendar]
Drop Dead Gorgeous lovers!!!

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Who Are You? Who Are You? [23 Feb 2008|02:02am]

If you're 17, and you're not a total fry... it's jus whatcha do.

I LOVE DDG! It's one of my favourite movies of all time! I don't know what life would be without seeing it!
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Crowned [26 Dec 2007|10:37pm]

For all of you DDG lovers (that movie rocks, I can rewatch it several times a year) I thought you might be watching/interested in watching the CW's new reality show: Crowned. It's sort of ridiculous but fun.

I just wrote a review of the latest episode:

Watching Crowned is Not Quite as Horrible as Being Eaten Alive by Snakes

[11 Jan 2007|11:18pm]

Can I just say:

- This is bullshit!

- Amber Aytkins! Thayt is naht American Teen Princess Language!

- GOOD! Because this isn't an American Teen Princess Pageant! This is-- This is-- This is NAZI GERMANY!

My god that movie is incredible.
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[27 Jan 2006|12:15pm]


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[13 Aug 2005|08:38pm]

Hey all! I just found this group, what fun!! I love Drop Dead Gorgeous and I'm surprised more people haven't seen it. I first saw it because I'm an Allison Janney fan (Yay West Wing!) and fell in love with the movie because it's incredibly funny! Also, Allison Janney as trailer trash is hysterical. Hehe.

Does anyone have any icons from the movie they'd be willing to share?
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[15 Feb 2005|09:29pm]

there is one more contestant, number eight. amber atki..
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[15 Feb 2005|09:22pm]

you piece of shit tralier park trash!!! i shoulda killed you when i had the chance!!
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[08 Feb 2005|08:56pm]

ooo youre cute! if you catch this in your mouth, i'll give you a present...
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[06 Feb 2005|03:31pm]

Excuse me, Miss Penthouse 98, close your legs, you could drive a boat show up there!
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[05 Feb 2005|01:53pm]

not like any of you don't already have ddg on dvd, but it's $5.99 at best buy.

"i told you i'd move the car if a cripple came."
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[05 Feb 2005|08:53pm]

who could forget her lpi synching to melissa manchester...

dont cryyyy out louuuuuddd, just keep it insiiiiiide, learn how to hiiide your feeelinggggssss....
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[04 Feb 2005|05:19pm]

hi, new... yeah. the librarian and Loretta crack me up.

".... it's best with lots of butter."
"I didn't even get to keep my damn tiara; had to turn it in for scrap."

"any of you boys wanna give me a ride home?"
"do you think they heard us?"

I agree with someone else saying something about Napoleon Dynamite and DDG. DDG is so quoteable, my friends that also love DDG tell me to shut up when I quote THE WHOLE THING when we watch it.
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[25 Jan 2005|06:51pm]

do ya think a nice cool mint would help if i shoved your head up your ass??

you have a super day too!!!
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mayor [21 Jan 2005|09:40am]

did anyone notice that the mayor started clapping after the swan blew up and killed becky?? and he was mouthnig the words, "good job". like wtf? haha i never even noticed it until recently and i've seen it a million times.
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[19 Jan 2005|11:43pm]

"All I know is that bitch better watch her back at nationals, becase i'm making friends on the inside, real good friends. friends who have friends on the outside.


"gotta go, bye."

ahahaha cinnamon?

"Tammy was oooone CRISPY CRITTER up on that thresher. DING! Fries are up!"

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[14 Jan 2005|10:19pm]

in fact, i love saint paul pork products so much, i work here now!
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[07 Jan 2005|10:25pm]

I was watching Napoleon Dynamite the other day, and I thought about how DDG has sooooo many more quoteable parts than ND. I still love ND but DDG is sooooooo much funnier.

Well, I hope everyone has had an awsome year so far. Ta for now.


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Jesus Christ on a cross!! [23 Dec 2004|12:17am]

Ahh DDG is my favorite movie of all time. I have watched it so much-- I can quote the whole damn thing! And I cannot pick a favorite quote cuz there are too many hilarious ones. Seriously, the movie is genious.

But anyway-- My name is Jamie, I'm 18 and am from Michigan, but I go to college in...... Minnesota!! haha. It was too funny to watch DDG in Minnesota for the first time. I actually just watched it with some Minnesota locals and they kept denying their accents, but they totally talk like everyone from DDG. Too funny.

"And if they tell you to take your clothes off, get the money first. Oh, and don't forget my smokes!!"
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[09 Dec 2004|06:09pm]
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