underneath717 (underneath717) wrote in ddg_luvas,

Jesus Christ on a cross!!

Ahh DDG is my favorite movie of all time. I have watched it so much-- I can quote the whole damn thing! And I cannot pick a favorite quote cuz there are too many hilarious ones. Seriously, the movie is genious.

But anyway-- My name is Jamie, I'm 18 and am from Michigan, but I go to college in...... Minnesota!! haha. It was too funny to watch DDG in Minnesota for the first time. I actually just watched it with some Minnesota locals and they kept denying their accents, but they totally talk like everyone from DDG. Too funny.

"And if they tell you to take your clothes off, get the money first. Oh, and don't forget my smokes!!"
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oh man! you are the coolest! not only do you love drop dead gorgeous, but you have my name, and spelled the same too!

well, welcome!
always great to meet a fellow lover.

"Next one who comes in here without a pack of Lucky's in her hand dies, DIES!"
That is probably the best freakin' icon ever. Can I steal?
I would like to take you back seventeen years,when a peanut farmer was in the white house, a group of boys calling themselves "Queen" topped the record charts and Gladys Leeman was Gladys Wood; and she was Mount Rose American Teen Princess!!!